Change Fitbit watchband without breaking a fingernail

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Change Fitbit smart watch band

Change Fitbit watchband without breaking a fingernail

In the short video tutorial, below, I demonstrate how to change the watchbands of the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Charge models of smartwatches. In the case of the Fitbit Versa I show how to replace the watchband first using my fingernail. However in the past I have suffered a split fingernail from this method of replacing the watchband so I have come up with a simple alternative method using a life hack which does not risk any damage to the finger nails. The instrument I use to avoid using my fingernail is something we all have in our homes, a ballpoint pen with a retractable tip. At the end of the tutorial I show how to replace the watchband on the Fitbit Charge model of smartwatch.

Here is the step by step procedure and the link to the video tutorial is at the end of these instructions:-

For Fitbit Versa

  1. locate the watchband release lever on the inside of each strap.

2. Depress lever with fingernail or retracted ballpoint pen and tilt that end of band away from watch body. Then lift lower pin out of the watch body.

3. To refit the watch band, reverse the procedure. First locate lower pin in the body then depress release lever and tilt it towards the body ensuring that it seats completely in it’s slot.

For the Fitbit Charge

  1. locate the release buttons on the inside of each watchband next to the Fitbit smartwatch body.

2. Depress release button with finger nail and gently separate the band from the watch body.

3. To refit simply align body and strap and press gently together.

Here is the link to the YouTube video tutorial:

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