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 Welcome to The Basic Lowdown.

Our channel deals with everyday stuff that the average family might find useful in their daily life. This blog and AnnMattErasmus YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/c/AnnErasmus  therefore features a wide range of every day topics and life hacks. For instance the DIY playlist contains how to videos ranging from installing downlights, repairing leaking toilets, leaking faucets to tips for assembling flat-pack furniture. The life hacks playlist includes things like removing a store security tag that was inadvertently left on an item by a shop assistant, adjusting a wrist watch band cleaning a dishwasher with bicarb and vinegar, unloading a very large fridge with a tractor, a novel pot plant self-watering system to mention a few. While the keto diet playlist provides helpful information on what the keto diet is, how to get started what to eat and what not to eat as well as tips on how to cope with the changes your body experiences on keto, including intermittent fasting. There are many delicious keto diet and other recipes like poaching an egg in the microwave in 1 minute, 1 minute microwave keto bread, how to make your own jerky or biltong, homemade butter and many other recipes, oh yes, like keto cornbread. There are also playlists dealing with computer learning including the basics of getting started with Excel and how to print or save a google web page, windows split screen feature.

The gardening play list is packed full of very useful information like growing your own lemon grass, grow your own asparagus, how to determine the water level of a tank and how to calculate the tank’s capacity, grow dragon fruit from seed and propagating the elephant bush.

This is a  rapidly growing channel, new videos are posted every week. If you are keen on this content please subscribe to this channel, thank you for your support.

We would love to hear from you if there is anything you are struggling with so that we can address it on this site.  

Many of the articles on this Blog also have a video demonstration so why not also visit our You Tube channel by clicking here.

Best wishes, stay safe

Catch up with you soon – Ann and Matt

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