Twist drill sharpening

Angles for twist drill sharpening

In this video I demonstrate a Twist Drill Sharpening technique for beginners, that is quick, simple and highly accurate.

Step 1. Be aware of the correct angles of a sharp twist drill.

Step 2. Set up some guidelines on the bench grinder.

Step 3. Use the guidelines on the bench grinder to achieve the correct twist drill angles while sharpening.

Step 4. After sharpening check the twist drill point angle (120°) and relief angle (7-10°) and that the point is centrally located.

Step 5. Test the sharpened twist drill on a piece of metal or wood.

Here is the video demonstrating twist drill sharpening:

Here are some time stamps for browsing the content of this video:

00:00 Beginning

00:13 Twist drill design

01:00 Twist drill sharpening angles

01:22 Transferring twist drill sharpening angles to bench grinder

02:41 Sharpening a narrow diameter twist drill

03:44 Sharpening a wide diameter twist drill

04:40 Testing a newly sharpened twist drill

Here is a link to the Video tutorial:

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