Google Chrome: how to print or save a page

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Print or save Google Chrome page

Google Chrome, in my opinion, is the best web browser at the moment and it appears is the browser of the future. If you have been using Firefox or Internet Explorer,  Chrome may seem a bit unfamiliar when you first start using it but it is well worth the effort to persist. I will post a few basic 'how to's' with Chrome to help readers with the transition. Printing and saving webpages is one of the things I gather some people have a problem with.  It is not a good idea to save a web page as web link, because web links can disappear off the web or change their address in which case you will no longer have access to them. If you want to save something for the long term it is best to print out the web page or to save it as a PDF  file on your computer.


First step is to click on the icon with the 3 orange bars on the top right of the Google Chrome screen, and then select print from the drop down menu. This brings up a print preview screen with a control column on the left. Near the top of the column under ‘destination’  you will see either ‘Save as PDF’ or a description of your printer if you wish to change the current option… you guessed it press the ‘change’ button.


The link below the image is a step by step demonstration on how to do all this.

Google print 2

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