Setting up a garden wicking bed for beginners

How to make a wicking bed

In this video ‘Setting up a garden wicking bed for beginners ‘ I demonstrate how to construct and set up a garden wicking bed for planting seedlings. In his demonstration I take the option of building the garden wicking bed from timber and then lining it with a waterproof plastic liner. It is also possible to use a waterproof plastic or metal container to construct a wicking bed thus avoiding the need for the waterproof plastic liner.

Here are some step-by-step instructions but it is best to view the video below:-

 ‘Setting up a garden wicking bed for beginners ‘

Step 1. Construct the garden wicking bed timber frame with a hole about 20cm from the bottom for the overflow

Step 2. Line the wicking bed timber frame with a waterproof plastic liner with a hole punched out to line up with the overflow hole.

Step 3. Insert the plastic liner and the plastic overflow water tank fitting to garden wicking bed

Step 4. Position the 50mm inlet pipe with corrugated irrigation hose for filling the gravel layer with water

Step 5. Add gravel layer 20-30 cm to garden wicking bed

Step 6. Cover gravel layer with geo-fabric to separate soil from gravel layer in the garden wicking bed

Step 7. Attach the 100mm PVC pipe earthworm feeder in corner of garden wicking bed

Step 8. Add soil layer to garden wicking bed

Step 9. Wet soil layer with hosepipe and fill gravel layer with water via the 50mm PVC inlet pipe

Step 10. Introduce earthworms and plant seedlings. Water seedlings from top for 2 weeks or until established

Here is a link to the video:

Here are some time stamps for browsing the content of this video:

00:00 Beginning

00:39 Choosing a site for a garden wicking bed

00:56 Options for type of construction of garden wicking beds

01:30 Basic design and theory of garden wicking beds

05:10 Constructing a garden wicking bed, demonstration

05:42 Setting up a garden wicking bed

06:11 Garden wicking bed overflow pipe

06:56 Garden wicking bed water proofing

07:45  Garden wicking bed 50mm PVC inlet or filler pipe

08:39 Garden wicking bed gravel layer

09:35 Garden wicking bed geo-fabric layer to separate gravel from soil layer

10:25 Garden wicking bed soil layer

11:18 Garden wicking bed 100mm perforated PVC pipe earth worm feeder

12:27 Preparing new Garden wicking bed for planting and mulching

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