How to move a garden shed in one piece

In this video ‘How to move a garden shed’ I demonstrate an easy low tech way to move a small garden shed in one piece, no dismantling required. Here are the steps I went through to complete this task successfully.

Step 1. Prepare a suitable site to move the shed onto. Remember these small shed need to be secured to the deck to prevent them from blowing away in a strong wind. So incorporate a means to secure the shed to the base.

Step 2. Provide a smooth path or ramp for the shed to travel on.

Step 3. Secure a strong cable or rope to the base of the shed. Be sure it can take the load as a cable that separates under tension is very dangerous and likely to cause injury.

Step 4. Attach a fence strainer or suitable instrument to the cable and be sure that the strainer is well anchored to avoid injury.

Step 5. Undo and securing fasteners securing the shed to its base.

Step 6. Lift the front end of the shed onto a length of pipe or PVC conduit to act as a roller.

Step 7. Pull the shed along the ramp with the straining device until it reaches its new base.

Step 8. Centralise the shed on the base and secure it well to the base.

Here are some time stamps for browsing the content of this video:

00:00 Beginning

00:20 Apparatus used to move garden shed

00:52 Demonstration of moving shed

01:19 shed moved to new location

This is a video demonstration of how the shed was moved:

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