Move heavy stuff with these cheap homemade devices ‘Fandangles’

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Fandangles in action

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a simple and cheap device that will help every time you need to move something heavy.

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 I don’t know who invented them or what their real name is, we call them by our own nick name, ‘fandangles’. At the end of the video (below) I will show fandangles in action and just how easy they make moving heavy or awkward objects.

How to make fandangles from inexpensive materials and a low level of skill. It is best to make a pair (2) fandangles so that heavy objects can be handled by 2 people.


  1. Cut 4 pieces of PVC pipe of approximately 20 to 30mm in diameter. The length of each piece should be about 2 centimetres wider than a closed fist about 12cm to 14 cm in length each. I prefer to use the 20mm pipe because that allows me to grip both ends of the fandangle in one hand when it suits the situation.

2. Cut 2 pieces of rope about 3.5 to 4.5 meters each in length ( this may vary according to the specific task and your height)

3. Thread each rope through 2 of the pieces of the PVC pipe and tie off with a knot that is easily adjustable.

Job is done now to show you a few variations of how to use them depending on the shape of the object that is to be moved.

Try and set length of rope so that your back is straight when carrying. Don’t try it if you have a bad back or any other physical problems or if you are unsure. Calculate the weight of the object and what load each person is taking best not to exceed about 30-40kg each.

How to calculate weight eg  concrete block density x volume . Measure dimensions in meters eg 30cm x 50cm x 30 cm  ( 0.3 x 0.2 x 0.4) = 0.024 cu meter x 2400 Kg/ cu M (ave. density concrete) = 57. 6Kg or about 30 kg each for 2 people.

Or a log 3M long and cross sectional radius 0.12M = 3 x Pi x r sq (0.12×0.12) = 3×22/7x(0.12×0.12)= 0.135 Cu M x 700Kg (ave. density of hard wood) = 94 Kg or 47 Kg each for 2 people

Watch this video it explains everything and see the fandangles in action moving heavy objects with ease.

Here is how we moved something really heavy

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