Poached Egg in Microwave in 1 Minute

Poached Egg in Microwave in One Minute

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Microwave poached egg

Our busy lives often preclude us from taking the time to eat a healthy breakfast.  Nutritionists often emphasize the importance of starting the day with a nutritious meal.  We recently spent some time with an old friend whose children came up with this brilliant and simple method of poaching an egg.  I was so impressed that I felt I needed to share this with my readers.  Of course, poached eggs are not only a breakfast meal but can be enjoyed at any time of the day with a salad, fresh vegetable or whatever takes your fancy.

Method for cooking a healthy poached egg:

  • Boil the kettle
  • Pour about 200 mls into  a clear glass mug or jug (any coffee mug will do) leaving at least half of the jug/mug empty
  • Crack the egg into the water
  • Cover with paper towel and place in microwave *
  • Cook for 30 seconds in microwave and check
  • Cook for a further 30 seconds
  • Remove jug/mug from microwave
  • Pour water and egg over straining ladle to drain the egg
  • Place egg on plate and enjoy.


* Because microwaves come in different power ranges you will need to adapt to suit the one you are using.  For a 1600 watt machine 80% power for one minute will deliver a medium to soft poached egg.  Adjust accordingly for your taste and your machine.

For a full demonstration on YouTube of this technique click on the link below.


Here is another idea for a quick and easy, healthy and nutritious breakfast.


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