Tips on how to set up Ikea cabinets for a kitchen installation

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Setting up an Ikea kitchen

Tips on how to set up Ikea cabinets for a kitchen installation

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In this video tutorial (below) I show how to setup Ikea cabinets for a kitchen installation. I discuss all the important topics related to setting up an Ikea kitchen like the importance of getting all the cabinets in the kitchen level and how  the Ikea system for hanging the cabinets works and how the cabinet feet are used to help levelling the cabinets and how the Ikea plinth system works. I go into detail on determining what type of construction the walls are and how to choose the best fasteners for your type of wall. How to check if the floor is reasonably level using a spirit level.  And how to determine the height for the Ikea hanging rails for the base cabinets and the eyelevel or top cabinets. How to establish a level line to align the rail prior to fixation using a spirit level and a laser level. I demonstrate fixing the rail to the wall and checking to see that it is level with a spirit level. I also discuss how to mount the cabinets on the rail and level them with the aid of the adjustable feet and after that how to join all the cabinets together. I provide some tips on how to make cut-outs in the cabinets for power points and plumbing including taps and waste pipe as well as some tips on how to use excess space efficiently and the importance to sealing any cut edges in the cabinets that make suffer water leaks.

This is all demonstrated in this video tutorial:

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