My top 5 keto diet tips for beginners

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I have successfully lost 15 Kg in 9 months on the keto diet from 95 Kg to 80 kg, here is a photo of me when I weighed 95Kgs. I could have lost more but I have reached my goal weight. I can safely say I have never been hungry on the keto diet and find it very easy to maintain. On my weight loss journey I have successfully used a few tips to keep me on track with minimal effort. I am going to share with you now the five things I found most useful to help reach my goal weight in only 9 months. At the end of this video I will discuss the important subject of how to maintain your goal weight.

Right let’s get on with it, here are my top  5 keto diet tips.

  1. Tip #1 Fasting This will help to get into keto as quick as possible. A good place to start is to do 16 hour fast most days. That means skipping breakfast. So if your finish your evening meal by say 8:30pm then fast through breakfast to lunch the next day at no sooner than 12:30pm. Black sugarless coffee or tea is OK but don’t be tempted to use an artificial sweetener because that will raise your blood insulin and insulin is your number one enemy if you are trying to lose weight because amongst other things, it inhibits fat breakdown. If you do some exercise or physical work during the morning that will accelerate your entry into keto. I know when I am going into keto because I start weeing a lot. When you burn your stored glycogen each gram releases about 4 grams water. So it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water and perhaps take an electrolyte supplement.
  2. Tip #2 Stick to under 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. You will have to read labels and look up stuff like fruit and veg. at first.  Calories are not that important especially if you are active. (obviously don’t go stupid) A moderate amount of protein is advisable because the body can convert protein into glucose. Fat should form about 75 % of calorie intake. Protein about 20% and carbs only about 5 %.
  3. Tip #3 Avoid hunger because that will cause you to cheat. Eat food you like and make sure the food you choose will keep you satisfied until your next meal. That means a good helping of protein and fat and most importantly avoid carbs as much as possible. I find if I have too many carbs at a meal I become ravenous before the next meal. This I recon is caused by the insulin is secreted in response to the carbs which causes a rebound drop in blood glucose and that leads to hunger. Watch the video above for a more in depth explanation. If you go to our YouTube channel there is more info on keto and good tasty and nutritious recipes there, the link is at the top of the video now
  • Tip #4 Join Keto diet focus groups (like diet doctor) on Facebook or elsewhere. I will put some links to these below the video in the description. These groups provide inspiration and motivation towards your goal . They are packed with inspiring anecdotes form people actually experiencing keto as well as hundreds of great recipes and good advice from medical experts.
  • Tip #5 This is most important, so listen carefully. Do not deprive yourself at social occasions like birthdays, festive occasions and even if your partner takes you out for a meal. Forget that you are on keto and indulge yourself. This is tremendously helpful to keep you on track mentally. If you use tips 1-4, that I have just discussed, you will be back on track in no time so don’t worry.

Finally what to do when you have reached your goal. I found staying on a low carb diet as opposed to full keto useful to help keep my weight where I want it. That means I allow myself about 50gms of carbs a day. A word of caution here, when your body clicks out of keto you start building up your glycogen stores and with each gram of glycogen formed you will retain about 4gms of water so your weight may shoot up 1 kg in a day. Don’t’ be alarmed it is mostly water. I also set myself a cut off weight level, if I rise above that then I go back onto full keto for a few weeks to get back on track.

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