Ikea kitchen design installation ideas tips and tricks

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Ikea kitchen design

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In the video I share my Ikea kitchen design, installation, ideas, tips and tricks. This video is a follow-up on the video ‘Tips on how to set up Ikea cabinets for a kitchen installation’ and reveals the finished kitchen. I share our design ideas and the reasons for them. I also show how we dealt with kitchen design and installation challenges to suit our space. These design and installation hacks have considerably enhanced the end result of this Ikea kitchen and may provide design ideas for others considering an Ikea kitchen. Our kitchen design ideas will suite small to medium size kitchen spaces for those considering renovation, remodelling or extension home design projects and interior design ideas. The original video tutorial provides detailed information on how to fit and install Ikea kitchen cabinets. It is best to watch both these videos if you are planning a new kitchen or remodelling an old kitchen. The Ikea kitchen design and installation playlist features all these videos and other DIY videos that may be useful in kitchen installation.

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Time stamped key moments in the video include:-

00:00 Beginning

00:43 Ikea Kitchen Island with stone counter top and power point

01:07 Ikea fitted multipurpose transition zone between living, dinning and kitchen

01:30 Ikea over-refrigerator cabinets

02:06 Ikea flip-up door hinges

02:29 What to do with extra space at the end of a line of Ikea kitchen cabinets

02:51 Ideas for tray and cutting board storage in an Ikea kitchen

03:04 Ideas for how to get a neat finish between eye level cabinets and splash-back

04:03 Ikea eye level microwave and oven kitchen cabinet

04:29 Advantage of drawers over cupboard doors in an Ikea kitchen

05:17 Sink, dustbin drawer and dishwasher in Ikea kitchen design

05:37 How to finish exposed back of cabinet

05:59 Ikea fitted walk in pantry design

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This playlist is a guide through kitchen design and installation:

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