Quick way to enlarge a hole saw hole

Enlarge a hole saw hole

This video demonstrates a quick way to enlarge a hole saw hole.

Enlarging an existing hole saw hole can be a bit tricky because the central guide drill of the larger hole saw has no material to centralise and stabilise the outer cutting teeth of the new (larger) hole saw. So the hole saw will wobble and scrap across the surface of the material you are trying to drill resulting in an untidy and often non-circular hole. The object of this video is to demonstrate a quick and easy hack to stabilising and centralising the new, larger hole saw, while enlarging the hole.

Here is a step by step illustrated description.

  1. Make a template to guide the larger hole saw by drilling a hole in a piece of scrap material (about 1 cm thick) with the new, larger hole saw.
  • Centralise the new larger hole in the scrap material over the existing hole ( see the video for 2 methods of doing this)
  • Secure the template to the existing, smaller hole saw hole with clamps, screws or double sided tape (see video)
  • Seat the new hole saw in the template until it is touching the material below evenly
  • Drill through using light, even pressure and fairly high speed.
  • Remove the template and clean up.

Here is a video demonstration of how to enlarge an existing hole saw hole:

Here are some more methods for enlarging drilled holes:

This video demonstrates 3 more alternate methods to enlarge an existing hole saw hole:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li8lfL2cBY8

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