Replace Ikea Maximera drawer front

In this video tutorial we will demonstrating how to replace an Ikea Maximera drawer front and how to install and remove the drawers from an Ikea Metod kitchen cabinet. The only tool needed for this task will be a star or Phillips screwdriver. First remove the drawer from the Metod cabinet by simply lifting the front of the Maximera drawer front then jiggle the drawer as you pull it towards you and it should come out cleanly. As mentioned in my video it may not even be necessary to remove the drawer before removing and replacing the drawer front.

To disconnect the drawer front from the drawer itself, first remove the plastic cover on the side of the drawer near the front. This will expose the clicking mechanism used to assemble the drawer. To unclick this and release the drawer front from the drawer simply insert a Phillips head screw driver in the ‘x’ shaped slot which is partly hidden behind a small spring loaded plate which is easily displaced with the screw driver. Now turn the screw driver left or right (depending which side of the drawer) a ¼ turn. The drawer front will move away from the drawer, repeat on the other side and remove the drawer front. Once you have removed the drawer front you will notice part of the mechanism is attached to the front of the Maximera drawer and part remains in the sides drawer itself. If you are replacing the drawer front you will need to unscrew the part of the mechanism attached to the inside of the drawer front and then transfer it to the new drawer front because this part is not supplied with a drawer front, it comes as part of the drawer kit excluding the front. Note! Most of the drawer components simply click together and  note in particular that some components are marked left or right be sure to check this before transferring parts to the new drawer front. Now simply line up the drawer and drawer front and press together until both sides have clicked in.

Replace the plastic cover strips and insert drawer into the kitchen cabinet, as shown in the video. Job done!.

Here are the key moments in the video:

00:00 Beginning

00:56 Removing a drawer from Ikea kitchen cabinet

01:14 Remove plastic over to expose drawer mechanism

01:45 Close up view of Maximera drawer front mechanism

01:56 How to detach Ikea Maximera drawer front with Phillips screw driver

03:05 Replacing drawer front to Ikea Maximera drawer

03:43 Inserting Maximera drawer in Ikea kitchen cabinet

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