Excel beginners quick start, create your first spreadsheet in minutes

In this video tutorial on how to Quick Start Excel and create your first spreadsheet in minutes. We will only be discussing the basics of Excel so that you can have your first spreadsheet up and running and functional in minutes. Excel is a very powerful and complex programme but don’t let that scare you, anyone can learn it, it is very user friendly and intuitive, once you master the basics. I will show you how to use Excel to create useful documents like budgets, rainfall records etc and how to manipulate and analyse data quickly and simply. In this video we will discuss the use of Excel to:

  1. Open a spreadsheet and explain the basics of an Excel spreadsheet
  2. How to add headings
  3. How to auto-populate a row or column with a series.
  4.  How to populate the spreadsheet with data and formulae to help analyse your data.
  5. How to duplicate and auto-populate formulae
  6. Format the cells in the spreadsheet text and numerals
  7. How to freeze a row or column so that it doesn’t move when scrolling
  8. How to manipulate column width
  9. How to improve the aesthetics of your spreadsheet

All is best explained in this video:

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