How I fitted Ikea Metod doors to a Billy cabinet

This is how I managed to fit doors meant for an Ikea Metod cabinet to an Ikea Billy cabinet. The hinges for these two types of doors are not interchangeable because hole sizes and positions in the doors and cabinets are different.

I decided to use the Ikea Metod (Utrusta) hinges because they filled the doors correctly but this meant modifying the position and size of the holes for the hinges in in the Billy cabinet. The billy cabinet hinges fit into a single vertical line of 4 mm holes while the Metod hinges fit in 2 rows of 5 mm holes and are horizontally aligned.

Other useful Ikea DIY videos, like how to fit hinges and hang doors and how to adjust hinges to straighten doors are attached below.

This video is a detailed demonstration of how modify the cabinet to accept non-standard door hinges:

Time stamped key moments in the video

00:00 Beginning

00:40 difference between Ikea Metod  and Billy cabinet doors

03:10 How to measure exact hinge position on Ikea Metod cabinet

03:38 how to establish hinge base plate hole diameter and depth

04:07 Tip for setting drill depth guide

04:49 Ikea Utrasta hinge hole positions and dimentions

05:57 Marking the hinge positions on the Ikea Billy cabinet

06:50 How to transfer hinge hole positions from Metod to Billy cabinet

08:00 Drilling hinge holes to depth

09:01 Fitting Ikea Utrusta hinge base plates to Billy cabinet

10:02 Hanging the Ikea Metod door on the Billy cabinet

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