How to fit Ikea plinth or kickboards to kitchen cabinets

Step by step how to fit Ikea plinth to kitchen cabinets

This tutorial is another in our series of how to assemble and install an Ikea kitchen. This is a link to the full series playlist:

In this video demonstration I will cover the assembly and installation of the plinth. This tutorial covers step by step; what comes in the plinth pack, how it assembles and how it attaches to the feet or legs if the kitchen cabinets, how to measure and cut the plinth, how to avoid pitfalls and finally how to finish the job neatly. The video covers specifically fitting plinth or kickboards to Ikea Metod kitchen cabinets.

Step 1. Fit foot or leg base plate with the lip on the short side facing the side of the cabinet.

Step 2. Fit the foot to the base plate so that it is closest to the side of the cabinet.

Step 3. Measure the front plinth from outer corners of the feet base plates and side plinth from outer corner of base plate to the wall.

Step 4. Cut the plinth or kickboard to length using a fine toothed saw and sticking some masking tape on the plinth to get a neater cut.

Step 5. Fit the clips to the inner surface plinth note that front and side plinth clips need to be set at different levels – see Ikea instructions.

Step 6. Clip the plinth or kickboards to the feet of the cabinets.

Step 7. Fit the cover strips, provided with the plinth, to the exposed ends of the plinth.

Here is a link to the video demonstration of fitting Ikea plinth to kitchen cabinets:

Here are the key moments in the video:

00:00 Beginning

00:30 How to assemble and fit Ikea kitchen plinth or kickboard

05:44 How to fit base plates and feet to Ikea kitchen cabinets

08:54 How to measure and fit Ikea plinth or kickboards to kitchen cabinets

09:42 How to cut Ikea plinth or kickboards

10:34 How to clip Ikea plinth or kickboards onto cabinet legs

13:33 Finishing touches to fitting Plinth to Ikea kitchen cabinets

Here is some more information on setting the rail height so that the cabinet feet and plinth or kickboard fit without problems:

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