How to fit countertop to Ikea kitchen cabinets

How to install countertop to Ikea cabinets

This video tutorial is another tin our series on how to assemble and install an Ikea kitchen. In this particular video I will be showing how to fit or install a countertop to Ikea kitchen cabinets.

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These are the tasks that need to be completed in chronological order when installing a counter to Ikea base cabinets:

  1. Attached base cabinets to wall hanging rail
  2. Level base cabinets
  3. Cut countertop to size and make adjustments to ensure a good fit
  4. Treat or varnish the counter top to protect it before attaching to cabinets
  5. Select suitable fasteners ensuring that they do not protrude through the work surface
  6. Screw counter to base cabinets stabilising struts
  7. Finish against wall with splash back, beading and or silicon sealer

The YouTube video may be viewed here:

Here are the key moments in the video:

00:00 Beginning

01:01 How the countertop attaches to the Ikea kitchen cabinets

01:28 Screw selection for attaching countertop to Ikea base cabinets

02:17 Shaping countertop to achieve a perfect fit

03:11 Sealing or varnishing a wooden countertop before securing to Ikea cabinets

04:01 Screwing countertop to the Ikea base cabinets from underneath

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