How to scan documents perfectly with a phone

Scan perfectly with an App on a phone

Scan docs perfectly with a phone

Most of us have photographed a page to save it as an image or send it on to another program or social media. That is fine and it works reasonably well except for distortion or blurring of areas because they are at the edge of the lens or not all of the doc is within the focal length or if the lens is not perfectly vertical over the doc. Well you will be pleased to know there is a free app out there that solves all these problems and virtually produces a scan quality image on your smart phone. Keep watching and I will show you how to use your smart phone to scan documents.

You can follow me on screen to set up your smart phone to do scanning if you watch the video tutorial below but here are some step by step instructions:

  1. Go to app store (iPhone) or Play store (android) search for Microsoft office, its free.
  2. Download and install Microsoft office app and open.
  3. Click on the (+) icon at the bottom of screen
  4. Select the ‘lens’ icon ( there are other useful options like notes, word, excel and PowerPoint)
  5. Click on document, whiteboard or photo. Set up the document within the red border on screen. The red screen jumps around a bit if there is no definite border between the doc and the background so a good tip is to put the doc on a contrasting background. Focus by touching the area on screen, you don’t even have to be vertically over the doc you can take it at an angle, and tap the white button .
  6. Click ‘confirm’. The doc will be captured as if it were taken from directly above with no distortion and will be cleaned up automatically with sharp clean clear text and images.
  7. There are the usual editing  tools now available before you save eg crop, rotate, text and annotating etc.
  8. Press ‘done’. Now have many options, you can create a pdf or share to cloud, social media, email or a file manager, etc. You can also rename the file.
Scanning with MS Office app on phone

Here is the video tutorial:

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01:01 How to get the free Microsoft office app for scanning with a phone or iPad

01:35 How to use the Microsoft office app to scan a doc perfectly with a phone or iPad

02:05 How set up a scan of a doc with MS Office app on a phone

03:05 How to edit a scan on a phone with MS Office app

03:42 How to share or send a scanned document from a phone with MS Office app

04:12 Why a scan with MS Office app on a phone is better or superior to a photo of a document

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