New Windows calculator tutorial for beginners

Windows 10 calculator features

Hidden features of new Windows 10 calculator

Not everyone knows about the cool things that the new Windows 10 calculator can do. In this tutorial for beginners I will demonstrate all the handy, hidden features of the Windows 10 calculator app.

New Windows 10 Calculator features:

  1. How to access calculator -Type calculator in search on the bottom left of screen or click on the start icon – select calculator app and for easy access in the future right click to pin to task bar.
  2. To resize the calculator window – click and drag the side or corner of the calculator window. But if you make it too small the history and memory panel disappears.
  3. To pin the calculator window on top of the work area – in Standard mode – click on “keep on top’ icon or shortcut Alt + up to go back click full screen icon or shortcut Alt + down.
  4. Using the history feature – click on a value in the history column to bring it back for new calculations. Right click to copy or delete a value. Dust bin bottom right to clear history.
  5. The Memory feature is much like any calculator and has options to ‘store in memory’, Add to memory, subtract from memory, recall from memory and clear memory. It is also able to store more than 1 value in memory. Note however! When the calculator app window is closed all values will be cleared including all history and memory values.
  6. Fn+f9 changers a value from +ve to –ve
  7. The Windows 10 calculator has the several modes. These may be accessed by clicking on the 3 Navigator bars in the top right corner of the calculator window. The available modes include: Standard, Scientific, programmer, Graphs, date calculator (shows time between 2 dates) and series of converters.
  8. The converters include many handy features at your fingertips without having to search the internet. The following comprehensive converters are featured: currency (real time) , volume, length, weight, temperature, area, speed and many more.

The YouTube video tutorial can be accessed here:

Here are some key moments in the video:

00:00 Beginning

00:17 How to access Windows 10 calculator App

01:26 How to resize Windows 10 calculator App window

01:54 How to pin Windows 10 calculator App window on top of other windows

02:27 How to use History feature of Windows 10 calculator App

03:09 How to use Memory feature of Windows 10 calculator App

04:20 How to access the various Modes of Windows 10 calculator App

05:08 How to use the date calculator of Windows 10 calculator App

05:43 How to use the converters in the Windows 10 calculator App

05:53 How to use the currency converter in the Windows 10 calculator App

06:57 How to use the volume, weight, temperature and energy converters

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